FPV Drone

July 2020 to

After messing around with a couple of quadcopters in college to varying degrees of success, I decided to do a pretty standard off the shelf drone build. No 3D printing, no flashing ROS and building images from source in virtual machines, and definitely no multiplication to figure out the right specs for motors. Just a straight, simple, assemble the frame, throw on the motors, stick on a Pixhawk, mix in a DJI FPV system, and make sure not to violate any FCC or FAA regulations. Truly, this is the simple way.

Well, I've gotten all the components, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Sometimes the simplest things take the longest. In that time, DJI release a complete FPV drone package, but I'd still like my build because I do want to get back into messing around with the autopilot and have a deeper insight into what's going on in the flight controller. And because I'm stubborn like that?

Anyway, the plan is to use this Pixhawk devkit and the DJI FPV flight system. I decided to spring for a decently capable power supply and balance charger because I must have gone through at least four, and I figure if I should stop giving them away and just hold on to one set. Oh, and I needed some 4S LiPos.

Next stop, assemble the beast. Third quad's the charm.

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