A few drones more

October 2015 to March 2018

There were at least three drone projects that I got involved with in college.

The first was another small scale grant that kind of never got off the ground. It was our first time building a quadcopter, and quite honestly, it's hard and scary, and there's no where to fly them in NYC.

I don't think this really counts, but it was fun and it taught me a lot about how bureaucracies are slow when it comes to risk. As part of engineering student council, my council and I had an event where we flew little RC quads through an obstacle course. Fun event, and also the first time I really ever discussed liability with a lawyer.

Then there was that startup for drone delivery. We actually did get some decent seed funding from a venture competition, but I think that sort of fizzled out. First time I had to think about IP issues, and international ones at that.

Finally, I joined up with the Robotics club to spin up a drone club, more as a community than as a project. We did get an Intel Aero dev kit to build up knowledge to compete in a competition, but I think the learning curve was a problem for all of us.

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